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Multi Axles

Multi Axles Machine
The automotive industry and also other applications require more and more complex roll formed profiles. In order to form such profiles on a roll forming machine, it often is necessary to have additional side axles with inclined angles that plunge into the open cross-section. This makes it more easy to form the inner radii precisely. Technically, it is quite costly in terms of labour and time to adapt the machine and to mount special axle holders for each kind of profile individually. But this effort is unavoidable if high precision profiles are required.

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Machine Window

Machine Window
The machine data are handled in the profile project completely, and are saved into the project file. They are shown in the machine data window, which shows the stands and shafts in the machine explorer on the left and the shaft data on the right. After right clicking on the side axle symbol (L or R) in the machine window a context menu opens and additional side axles can be defined - and removed again in the same way. The axle can be vertical (0° = normal position) or inclined with any inclination angle (positive outwards and negative inwards). Any number of additional axles can be defined.

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