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Stock Management

The designer of cold roll-formed profiles may re-use rolls from older projects for reducing the cost. To find suited rolls for his project, he needs the roll stock management.

  • Database format SQL 64bit.
  • Roll database window, each line represents one roll (bottom window). The matching drawing of the roll is quickly generated and displayed while browsing through the database (top right window).
  • Associated corners of a roll (left window in the middle). Only the corners of the selected roll are displayed. The window can be switched to a list of the associated projects in which a roll is used.
  • Any filters can be defined, named, saved and reloaded by the user for selecting the desired rolls (top left window).
  • Transfer of the selected roll to and from the profile project using the clipboard.
  • Transfer of the selected roll directly to CAD.
  • Quick input of the dimensions of rolls by hand directly into the database windows. The drawing is immediately refreshed to check the correct input.

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