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Flower Design

by the Toolbox Modify:
Select by pressing the button "Angle" or "Radius", if you want to modify angle or radius by predefined step values. Select by clicking on the profile, which arc segment of the profile should be bent (marked in light blue color). Now press "Up" or "Down" or "Fast Up" or "Fast Down" and the arc will be modified.

Whether the bending method A1 (constant straight length) or one of the methods A2, A3 (constant radius) or A4 (track holding, modifying angle and radius) is used for calculating, can be defined in the profile list previously.

The step intervals for the "Up" and "Down" keys can be predefined in the Options Window.

While designing the flower pattern, open the Stress od Band Edge Window and take care to not exceed the yield stress.

Profile List Window

by entering the angle sequence:
Alternatively, you can enter the new radius or angle of the arc segment directly into the appropriate column of the Profile List. The profile will be bent dependent on the selected bending method (A1, A2, A3 or A4) and the drawing of the flower will be updated immediately.

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